The MohuComfort and MohuPatch ranges not only calm and comfort the user but may also be used as effective developmental tools when used together or separately.
With the guidance of an Occupational Therapist the user may be introduced to textures that calm or alert.
Users may also be introduced to textures that challenge them.

How to Use your MohuComfort:


Step 1:

We recommend introducing the MohuComfort on its own at first allowing the user a chance to explore its varied textures and beautiful colours.



Step 2:

Next, with the help of an Occupational Therapist, select a textured patch that is appealing. There are five to choose from in our MohuPatch range, some hard and some soft.


Step 3:

Every MohuComfort has discreetly placed snap fasteners hidden in the corners of the centre panels.



Step 4:

Carefully attach the selected MohuPatch to the MohuComfort. Up to two MohuPatches may be attached to a MohuComfort at a time.


Step 5:

When the time is right, the user can try some different textures. As part of a personal sensory diet an Occupational Therapist may introduce the user to new textures that will broaden their experience and help with important aspects of tactile sensory therapy such as discrimination of textures.



Step 6:

The ability to remove and change textures to suit an individual sensory diet means that MohuComfort can be an effective developmental tool. The user and the Occupational Therapist can choose how much exposure the user will have to new textures and for how long. This means that the therapy will go at a pace that works best for the individual and that challenging textures may be introduced in the familiar setting of the user's preferred sensory blanket, the MohuComfort.


Step 7:

The MohuPatch is the perfect size to carry, it can be easily detached from the MohuComfort and put it in a pocket or bag. This way the discreet MohuPatch is at hand to help to reassure and calm the user throughout the day. Back home again, it can be simply re-attached to the MohuComfort so that the user may once again relax with his favourite comforter.



Step 8:

For an even more effective MohuComfort why not attach two textures from the MohuPatch range and enhance the user's sensory experience.

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