The Story so Far....

When I was growing up many talented and hardworking women in my village started their own businesses. Their positive and "can do" attitudes were a strong influence on me and have always contributed to my own desire to build a business in my community. Over the years I have gathered many business skills and experience that could help me to do this. However, it was not until 2014 when a friend of mine, who has a daughter with autism, made a suggestion that began a chain of events that have lead to MohuComfort.

In addition to marketing and new product development I have a particular interest in patchwork of all kinds. For several years I have been making quilts and I love everything to do with fabrics, colour and texture.

I decided to combine this need for tactile sensory products with my love of colour and fabric and build a prototype that incorporated several textures in a small comforter. Over the past two years I have been testing and modifying this initial design. I needed to adapt the idea to bring flexibility so that each user could build their own personal tactile sensory comforter. The finished product has turned out to be so much more than a personal comforter. It is also a developmental tool that can be added to the range of tools used by Occupational Therapists and professional healthcare workers. For me the two functions are of equal importance. I want to give each of my customers something that is beautiful and that they will love to own but also something that is truly beneficial to their quality of life.

When my friend told me of the need for textured sensory blankets for people with sensory integration difficulties I have to say I was intrigued. The idea of making a patchwork quilt that could make a real and positive contribution to people's lives was irresistible.





Alison Power




I had little personal experience with people with special needs and those who work in this market. This has oftentimes made me feel that perhaps I am not going to be heard but I need not have had any concerns. The Occupational Therapists, teachers, parents and people with special needs who have participated in my research have been open and welcoming; patiently advising me and letting me know exactly what they would like to see in a new product.

This directness has been wonderful, even though sometimes it may be a little hard to take. My experience to date has been enriching and challenging. I believe that this is only the beginning of what I hope will be a long conversation. I hope to learn not only about the needs of my customers but also to have the privilege of creating meaningful products that delight and enrich the lives of many very special people.



This exciting and challenging phase has culminated in the creation of MohuComfort and MohuPatch. A key factor in the development of these products has been quality. Only materials that have quality certification have been used in each stage. In addition, both MohuComfort and MohuPatch have been tested and comply with EN71 showing they are fit for use for people of all ages including children under 3 years of age.

The Mohu range is manufactured in Ireland with expertise and attention to detail. We are very proud of our work and will continue to strive to attain the highest standards in quality and workmanship.

I hope you love the MohuDesigns range and that you contact us and tell us about your experiences with them. If you have any feed back please  go to our contact page.








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